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Building your own home theatre; some things you’ll want to consider.
Home theatres have been around for years, but the number of homeowners seeking this type of entertainment room has exploded in the last decade. If you’re looking at putting in a home theatre, there are a few factors to consider so that you’re pleased with the final result. Spend the time to come up with a solid plan now so that you won’t have messy fixes later.
1. Location, location, location!
The ideal room size for a home theatre is said to be 20x13ft so take some measurements of the room you’re planning to covert and ensure that the size is going to be sufficient. Think about the surrounding rooms and how the rest of the house will be affected by your chosen location. The best are is one that is partially removed from the rest of the home so that you enjoy the experience to the fullest without disturbing anyone else. A spare bedroom can work fine, but also think about spaces like the basement, a bonus room atop the garage, or even a newly built wing.
2. Insulation.
Building a theatre room is similar in practice to building any other room, with the exception of the insulation. Because you’ll want to block out as much sound as possible to the rest of your home, you’ll need a high rated insulation as well as sound barriers (although sound barriers will come along later in construction, it’s good to note cost and supply availability early on so the job is completed on time and without any surprise cost factors.) You have a couple of options when it comes to sound barriers; a specialty drywall which is highly effective but does come with a hefty price tag, or regular drywall with the addition of a layer of (for example) high density vinyl which is cheaper and still does a good job of dampening sound.
3. Wiring.
Unless you’re a tradesperson, it’s best to hire this part of the job to a skilled electrician. Map out where you want your speakers, your projector screen (or TV screen) and your lights. Remember that you’ll want a variety of speakers to get the full effect; one at the center of the room just above the screen, one on either side of the screen, one at the left and right of the room, and one at the back behind seating. Think about dimmer switches for your lights to get that real theatre effect just before the movie starts!
4. Comfort.
At the end of the day, you’ll want a great set up and spot to enjoy your show! Shop around for some good deals; the best home theatres have elevated platforms for the second and subsequent rows and leather, theatre style seating. Consider seats with built in cup holders and trays for your movie snacks. Some homeowners prefer recliners, but make sure you calculate the extra space a reclined seat requires into the spacing of your seat plan. Audio Excellence also offers an array of other products which include:
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