Hepa Air Purifier

Hepa Air Purifier
Hepa Air Purifier

Air Care Restoration is a provider of many different types of UV Air purifiers, portable purifiers, Hepa Purifiers and hospital air scrubbers. We specialize in technologies such as Germ Guardian as well as many types of medial air purifiers.

These are the general products that we carry: Aerocure, UV Sterilizer, UV Air purifier, Hepa Air purifier, portable, hepa filter, dust and allergy control, hospital air scrubber, medical grade hepa filter, Germ Guardian, Medical air purification.

In a controlled laboratory setting, a single pass through the device, running at standard 450 cubic feet of air per minute, the Aerobiotix system inactivated:
100% of Viruses (MS2 Virus)
99.97% of Bacteria (Staphylococcus epidermidis)
99.91% of Spores (Bacillus atrophaeus)
Let our tried and tested air purification systems give you healthier, cleaner air.

All this information is taken from www.hepaaircare.com

Hepa Air Purifiers
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Hepa Air Purifier