Burlington, Ontario

Burlington Pest Control
10 Park Ave E, Burlington, ON
L7T 1Y1
Burlington Pest Control , will exterminate your pest problems, anything from ants, mice, fleas and many more. Money back guaranteed.

Burlington Pest Control, is a company that has been in the pest control industry for a long time, we have treated some of Canada’s largest corporations. We will eliminate your pest problems, everything from mince, bed bugs to wildlife such as raccoons. Our highly trained staff will ensure the pest are removed effectively and safety. Call us or visit our website for more information to book an appointment.

KW Pool Solutions
665 Colby Dr #1
N2V 1C2

KW Pools Solutions have been able to adapt to the swimming pool industry. We have been able to install swimming pools in hundreds of homes across the Waterloo area. Our organization only consist of the most reliable and most professional staff that are willing to consistently assist with your needs. Visit our website or give us a call for more information 5195881861

Sleep Well Bedding
1570 St James Street
R3H 0L2
Sleepwell Bedding is a Winnipeg based mattress company established in 1992. All of our mattresses are manufactured locally, eliminating the middle man, and helping you save hundreds of dollars!

Sleep well bedding is Winnipeg’s best selling mattress store. We provide a wide range of mattresses and futons with factory direct pricing so you get the best deal.All of our mattresses are manufactured locally, eliminating the middle man, and helping you save hundreds of dollars!We offer a great collection of products including budget mattresses, comfort mattresses, and luxury mattresses. To purchase a mattress today please visit our showrooms or browse through our online store.

sleep well bedding
The Station Inn
200B Railway Street
P0L 1C0
Beautiful hotel for guests traveling though Cochrane, Ontario. We are pleased to welcome overnight guests at the Station Inn, which is conveniently co-located with our train and motor coach Station, the departure point for the Polar Bear Express train and several motor coach routes.

Luxury, professional, and friendly service is what we offer for guests at the Station Inn, located in Cochrane, Ontario. We are pleased to service guests who may be traveling through Cochrane by offering services such as recommended routes, methods of transportation, and a beautiful room to stay for the night. We are known for our Northern hospitality & great restaurant located minutes away from your hotel room. Our front desk personnel look forward to assisting you 24 hours a day, seven days a week!