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Audio Excellence
70 Esna Park Drive. Unit 7

Markham, Ontario
At AudioExcellence, we are your go to audio visual company for all things that audiophiles love. Have a home theatre? We are experts in Home Theatre installation. Call or visit us now!

Our business model at AudioExcellence has always been about transparency and providing the right products for the right people. That is why our audiophiles (employees) are all veterans of years and years of audio visual equipment upgrades and the transition from analog to digital. Some of our services and products are as follows:
Powered Speakers
Headphones (For example: Mytek or Pryma )
Stereo Amplifiers ( For example: McIntosh Amplifier)

and much much more..

Overall, our products are used, refurbished and new and we have realized that we have something for everyone. We are excited for you to get started, call us, email us or visit our website at www.audioexcellence.ca

Audio Equipment, Turntables in Toronto
Rosedale Computers
919 Yonge St.
M4W 2H2

Rosedale Computers is a computer / pc / mac / cellphone repair store located in the heart of Rosedale in Toronto Ontario. With decades of experience in technology, Kia Naderi has the expertise and skill to fix the most damaged computer. If he can’t fix it, Rosedale computers has an abundance of brand new laptops and towers available for low prices. We know that you can have a difficult time when your computer is damaged or not working efficiently. This is why you don’t have to come to us, we can come to you! If your business computer or home computer is broken, we can make the trip to fix it. Is your screen damaged? We can replace it! If you are interested, give us a call or contact us now!

Mac Repair Toronto