How To Use Custom T-Shirts For Company Team Building

Corporate team building activities can be fun, but it’s hard to maintain that sense of teamwork after the games and activities are done in the workplace. There are more subtle ways to help build a positive culture of team work in the corporate world.

One of these subtle ways is a custom t-shirt that is branded with your company’s custom logo and slogan. These are a great idea to have on hand for employees when they are doing events such as tradeshows, or doing giveaways at a raffle or more. While these seem like the only time custom company t-shirts seem useful, they actually have a positive impact on work culture. Here are some ideas on how they can help:

Great First Impressions

Handing a customized t-shirt with the company logo to new hires can give them a sense of belonging. It is a physical representation of their involvement in the corporate family. The t-shirt can also be a great way to give a new hire something to wear on the first day of work. Sometimes most hires don’t know what the proper dress code is on their first week, so providing them with a custom shirt makes them easier to dress on the first day and gives them a sense of company pride.

Celebrate Milestones

Having custom t-shirts made to celebrate the launch of a product or service is a great way to celebrate. Another milestone others may celebrate is how long they’ve been in the company. If an employee has a shirt from 20 years ago, when they first began, they can proudly showcase it to show their dedication to the company and to celebrate the company’s history.

Voluntary Uniform

As opposed to the often stiff suit and tie that is common in the corporate world, the company custom t-shirts can be an unofficial uniform. It is a more casual and less oppressive way to showcase your unification as a company – which is a great message to promote to anyone walking into your offices.

Team Pride

When employees of your company are wearing their custom t-shirts with the company logo, it instills a sense of pride and showcases the commitment that they have to the company. You can get creative and have employees take a hand in coming up with their own custom designs for the t-shirts.

Foster a Sense of Belonging and Loyalty

Everyone feels an innate need to belong, and custom branded t-shirts appeal to that need. Company shirts are a physical reminder that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. Custom t-shirts are also a great way to showcase employee appreciation, especially individual milestones for a particular employee achievement.

Company branded t-shirts are an excellent way to promote unity, belonging and employee appreciation. Get your employees to help out with a fun, custom design and print some custom made t-shirts today!