Why Honesty is the Best Policy for Mechanics

Ask people what their pet peeves are when it comes to owning a vehicle, and one thing that crops up often will be the fact that most of us are at the mercy of our mechanics when it comes to having that vehicle repaired and maintained.  Gone are the days when most of the population looked after their own repairs and regular maintenance.  This can be chalked up to a few factors; we’re bogged down with hectic (albeit self-imposed) schedules, we can’t keep up with the learning curve of new technology when it comes to the inner workings of our vehicles, and the average Joe doesn’t have the money or space to afford all of the equipment it takes to make those repairs anyway.

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So what’s the answer?  A problem that crops up time and again is the fact that we’re completely reliant on a mechanic, whether that mechanic is an honest, upstanding person or not. We want to believe that we’re not having the wool pulled over our eyes, and that we’re being given the right information, and the right price for what work has been done, whether it’s an oil change or a tire rotation. The thing is, word gets around, and with the advent of social media, and there are plenty of ways to determine the ethical company over the shady character.  Here are some of the best reasons why honestly is the best policy for our auto mechanics;

  1. Loyal customers: When a customer leaves the shop feeling as if they’ve been treated honestly and fairly, they’ll keep coming back. There’s so much risk involved in heading to a new mechanic that even if your business location is further out of the way, dealing honestly with your customers means that the hassle factor of taking their vehicle back to you will be well worth the effort.
  2. Word of mouth: If you’re doing your business justice and acting with honesty, word will definitely get around. There’s nothing like free advertising, and when clients start filling your schedule book because they’ve heard that you take the moral high road, you’ll know that trust can pay big rewards.  This can easily spread to social media sites, and if you want your name plastered all over Facebook and Twitter, a following of trusting customers who are pleased with your honesty will provide positive feedback that the entire world can see.
  3. Increased morale: Acting with honesty and ensuring that every mechanic that works for you also acts with integrity can be the building blocks you need to good shop morale. Nobody truly enjoys stiffing someone else, and the business owner and managers must lead the way.  Good relationships will be built between mechanic and customer once trust has been established.
  4. Keep up with technology: There are times in every business when money is tight and it does give your shop an edge when you can offer the best and newest technology. With a trusting and loyal customer base, your profits can be exactly what you need to stay on target.

Credit to Watson’s AutomotiveMechanic London Ontario