Why quality ingredients matter for Pizza

Why Quality Ingredients Matter

Have you ever sat down and watched one of those cooking shows? It’s a great way to get some ideas to shake up you regular cooking routine and bump out of the ruts we all tend to fall into from time to time. Have you noticed the difference between the way a well known chef cooks and the way that most of society tends to cook? One of the biggest differences between a good meal and a poor or mediocre one is the quality of ingredients used. Fresh ingredients tend not only to create a better meal, both taste wise with regards to our health, but can also give us more control over the finished product. The less processed our food is, the more innovative we can be about adding herbs and spices, and the better off our bodies will be in the long term.
If you can grow your own food, you’re that much further ahead in the game, because you have the ability to step outside and gather produce on a whim, as long as it’s in season. This is the freshest type of food you’ll ever get, and the difference in flavour makes most people forget about all the hard work that goes into a garden at first bite.

We’re lucky enough to have access to fresh produce year round, right there in our grocery aisles. So if you’re not a gardener, or if it’s in the dead middle of January with a blanket of snow a foot deep, you can still enjoy cooking with the best of what nature has to offer.
Have you ever taken a good look at the ingredients list on a jar of processed pizza sauce? There are definitely a few recognizable items, but the bulk is “flavour”, sodium, and an unrecognizable list of chemicals that I don’t remember seeing on any good nutrition websites. A homemade sauce takes both time and effort, a blend of produce and herbs, and cooking the whole thing down to thicken it just right. You can certainly taste the difference, and when a sauce is made from fresh ingredients, it adds good fuel to your body instead of only filler.

I don’t know about you, but when I do go out for a meal, and because I cook with so many fresh vs processed ingredients, I expect that my restaurant will do the same. The taste is the proof. With regards to pizza, I want fresh cut mushrooms, good quality pepperoni, a sliced, not canned tomato, and a sauce that’s been lovingly stood over with fresh herbs, not something poured from a jar. The two most noticeable differences in pizza quality are the sauce and the dough. Handmade pizza dough should be soft in the middle with just the right crisp to the crust. When pizza is made from fresh, wholesome ingredients, it can make the difference between a greasy slice of something instantly regrettable, or a meal that makes you want to savour every last bite. If you want a taste of truly authentic pizza, come to Lily’s Pizza on Lorne Park Rd. in south Mississauga, they have the best pizza in Mississauga.

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