Eyewear Trends for 2018

Eyewear in 2018 is taking some dramatic turns, with daring looks that wow. Whether you like them or not, these seven trendy and diverse new looks and styles will be bridging the noses of many glasses wearers in the upcoming year.

Round glasses are the ultimate historical throwback. While prevalent throughout the years, they came became cool thanks to John Lennon in the mid-1960s. These throwback rounded frames are back in style for 2018, in many different forms. Whether a slightly rounded standard frame or a more daring full circle, these are the perfect statement piece.

Gold accents are a trend in 2018 that is popping up on all the other trending styles of the year. Whether golden temples, hinges and the bridge or even golden tortoise shell, gold is everywhere. This trend is a compliment to so many others trends this year, and a simple gold gilded frame is beautiful. Gold adds sparkle to otherwise matte frames, adds a pop of brightness to pastels, and makes a bold tortoiseshell that much bolder.

Matte has been gaining traction across the beauty industry for years now. From matte lipsticks to matte nail polish topcoats, the trend has taken hold. It is no surprise then that eyewear is joining coming along for the ride. From black matte to pastels, this trend is suitable for everyone but is especially attractive to those with a love for the beauty industry.

Gradient or ombre, nails, and hair have been a favourite for more than a few years now. They add a sophisticated interest without the overwhelming wild colours and chunky highlights from the early 2000s. It is no surprise then that this trend has translated into eyewear. While some are subtle, pink fading into red, others are bold, lime green fading into deep blue.

Rose quartz and serenity, two beautiful pink and blue pastel colours, were Pantone’s colours of the year in 2016. It is no surprise then that eyeglass designers have embraced pastels for their 2018 frames. Pastels feature in transparent plastic, opaque plastic and metal, and matte plastic and metal frames are versatile, tortoiseshell even features pastel colours. While soft in colour this style choice is bold and takes confidence to wear.

Tortoiseshell glasses are almost always in. This year they are trending again, but with a twist. Instead of mellow and matching browns, golds, and greens things are bright and bold. The colour differences do not transition smoothly from one to another but are more blocky and rich in depth to make them stand out against one another for a beautiful yet punchy look. There are always classic frames that never go out of style, and in 2018 twists being made on these classics to make them exciting and new. Whether playing with bright colours that frame the face, or that play with the construction – such as decorative bridges that span halfway across the frames – these frames are indeed the new classics.

2018 is a year where the old becomes new, and the colours and styles are becoming bolder and more vibrant versions of their former selves. It is a year of transformative trends, full of fun, and allows every glasses wearer to be a little bit more adventurous.