How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Everyone loves receiving flowers as a gift. Flowers lend an air of freshness to any room they find themselves in. No matter the reason for receiving a bouquet of flowers, be it an anniversary, a graduation present, or a present for a special someone, we want our flowers to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, no matter how much we may try to make our flowers last, they are bound to wilt. There are some tricks that are able to prolong the life of your fresh cut flowers.

One of the first things you should do when receiving new flowers is cut the stems at an angle. This will allow the flowers to better absorb the water and nutrients they will be sitting in. Cutting at an angle improves the amount of surface area that the flowers have exposed. After the initial cut be sure to re-trim the stems every few days.

Another thing you can do is trim any leaves that are below the waterline. These leaves won’t impact the appearance of your bouquet and by not having them in the water you are limiting the bacterial growth in the water. After the initial pruning, check your flowers daily for any dead or loose leaves and petals. Removing these will prolong the life of your flowers.

When it comes to the water your flowers will be sitting in, this is where the most tips can be found. The key things to note about the water your flowers are sitting in is that you want there to be plenty of sugar for the flowers to absorb, and you want to limit the bacterial growth in the water.

One of the things you can do is pour about ¼ cup of soda into the water. The sugar found in soda is what flowers want. If you would rather drink the soda, then try using apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar and some sugar combined is a wonderful mix for your flowers. One final thing you could mix into the water is some vodka and sugar. The vodka has antibacterial attributes and once again the sugar is what your flowers want.

Once you have your flowers in the water solution there are some other things to be concerned about. Where you place your flowers is also something that you should think about. Avoid putting your flowers into direct sunlight. Keep your flowers in a cool environment, avoiding hot rooms. Do not put the flowers near any drafts, windows, or under ceiling fans as this is bound to dehydrate them faster.

Fresh cut flowers are a great gift for a wide variety of different occasions, ranging from Valentine’s Day flowers to  Birthday flowers. When placing your flowers into a vase, you can be sure to brighten up the mood of any room. If you want to preserve your flowers for as long as possible, the tips written above are sure to help your flowers last as long as they can. No matter what flowers you are given, these tips can be sure to prevent the inevitable wilting that all flowers face.