What To Buy Your Boyfriend For Christmas: 6 Original Gift Ideas Under $100 For Your Man

So, you want to impress your boyfriend with a super special gift this Christmas but you’re stuck on what to buy him. We’ve all been there. Luckily for you, we have six original gift ideas sure to wow him!

Party Animal

Help your boyfriend create an instant party with JBL’s portable Flip 3 speaker ($79.95). The Bluetooth enabled device offer 10 hours of playtime, exceptionally good sound quality and the best part: it’s splash proof. Available in several different colors.


boyfriend pizza gift

Man Crates sells a complete pizza-making kit, a perfect gift for any foodie. Photo: International Business Times

Sure, ordering pizza is easy but why not make a date out of it? Man Crates sells a Pizza Grilling Crate for $99.99 (which comes in an actual crate and includes a crow bar to open it) complete with a full pizza-making experience. The kit includes pizza stones, flour, herbs, a recipe book, dough roller and more.

Health Conscious

Have a guy who loves trying the newest health craze? Consider gifting him Reduce Radiation boxer briefs ($49) from Belly Armor. Radiashield Technologies give the undergarment 99 percent shielding effectiveness, which helps protect against every day radiation that can impact male fertility.

Phone Fanatic

If he always has his phone attached to his hand, this may be the gift for him. SnapPower has an easy-to-install outlet that doubles as a USB charging port for $20. The product eliminates the need for bulk USB adaptors and leaves open valuable outlet space for other electronics.


boyfriend gifts for boyfriend that has it all

Goby is a toothbrush subscription service, a unique gift any guy would appreciate this holiday. Photo: International Business Times

What do you get the man who has it all? Simple. Something everyone needs and uses. Goby sells oscillating electric toothbrushes that come complete with timers. A year-long subscription ($75) will get him one Goby Brush Kit and one year of brush heads.


Help your man maintain his look with the Moto from HeadBlade ($15). Inspired by Grand Prix motorcycles, the razor mimics the bikes with its free-rolling ball design, which helps to glide around hard-to-reach places.

If you still don’t see an item you want to gift, check out our subscription box gift guide for men.

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