Creating the right logo for your print

custom t-shirt printing

Your logo can be the one thing about your company that provides immediate recognition by customers.  It should represent the company name, the service or item that you provide, or even letters, numbers or pictures that best sum up your business as a whole.  It can help create a feeling or moral identity that potential customers can relate to and appreciate.  A logo is a great way to establish brand recognition.  
For the most part, a logo can be identified by one of three different types.  There is the font based logo, which uses type treatment to create a twist on the company name.  Disney’s type treatment, for example, uses a font that is light hearted and whimsical, bringing about the feeling that people experience when either watching the cartoons that this company is famous for.  Logos can also use illustrations to make a point about the business; a colourful brush sweep, for example, would let you know that this is a painting company.  Abstract symbols are also often used in company logos, such as the famous Nike swoosh.  The abstract symbol may be the most challenging form of logo in which to achieve brand recognition; it often takes incredible marketing efforts and sometimes years of work to establish this form of logo with customers.  When you are opening a new company, the best logo will give customers an idea of what you do or provide immediately.  Here are some tips to remember when creating your logo;

  1. Check out logos from other businesses that provide the same products or services that you do.  What ideas can you take from them, and how can your logo stand out from the crowd?
  2. Does your logo communicate what you want it to?  Does it have the right personality?  Think about your target audience when coming up with ideas and make sure that it will resonate with that target group.  
  3. Your logo should be clean and direct.  It should be scalable, memorable, and easy to reproduce. Make sure that it does not become indecipherable depending on what you’re printing it on.  It should look just as nice on a t-shirt as on a mug.
  4. Think about your business name and what font best portrays what you want it to say.  If your business has a very serious aspect, there are fonts that can relay this aspect to customers.  The same can be said of a fun and down to earth business.
  5. What are your business’s key benefits?  Can you illustrate them with a picture on your logo that customers will be able to identify?
  6. Steer clear of clip art.  Original art will be more impressive and can set your business apart.
  7. Stay away from trendy looks. Your logo should stand the test of time; remember that alterations may confuse customers, so choose something that will be maintain its significance.
  8. Remember when choosing colours that the more colour incorporated into your design, the higher the cost of printing.