How to place your custom prints

custom print
Custom prints on promotional items can be a boost to your company’s sales or services for a variety of reasons. First of all, giving this type of gift to customers can be the perfect way of letting them know that you appreciate their business, and it gives you a great opportunity for advertising by the people who have experienced what your business has to offer. It reminds customers of you and your efforts every time they wear that shirt or take a sip of coffee from the mug you presented them. Don’t forget about your staff! Promotional items can be a boost to company morale when your staff receives a gift of appreciation with the company logo. (And, as with the customers, it provides even further advertisement for the business!)
When ordering your custom prints, there are a few things to consider. What type of font most reflects the mood you’re trying to achieve? Is there a picture that goes along with it? Are you hoping to print the whole of your logo or just your company name? Knowing exactly what you want to appear on the shirt or mug is the first step.
The next step is to decide which colour you’d like to have printed. There are a wide variety of stock colours to choose from. Is your business already committed to using a certain colour or colours? Is it immediately recognizable to the general public because of them? Are you considering using different colours depending on whether the garment or mug is directed at women, men or children? The colour you use will partly depend on what colour the background item is. You might choose a colour only to realize that it won’t give you quite the same effect on different background options. Take the time to select something that will work for you.
Once you’ve determined exactly what you want printed and what colour it will be, you’ll need to select the logo placement. Are you hoping to have it placed on the front or the back of the shirt (or both)? No matter which side of the shirt you decide, there are a variety of placements that you can consider and choose from. Do you want your logo to jump out at people or take on a more subtle air? You could also break the logo into several parts to show it in different locations, or have multiple versions of your logo in different sizes depending on the location. With regards to mugs, some companies chose to have the logo printed in such a way that the mug becomes left or right “handed”, depending on which way the logo faces. Other companies ask that it be placed dead center on the opposite side of the handle, or even add something to the interior lip of the mug.
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