Choosing Furniture Colour for your Home

Choosing furniture colours can be an exciting venture, and a complicated one. With a wide array of hues and tones to select from, the procedure can be overwhelming. Here are some pointers to help ease the process of selecting the right furniture colour to create the perfect accent for your home!

First of all, what colours speak to you? Is there one specific colour that you would like to showcase? A rich dark purple or an eye-catching lime green? Are you more drawn to a soothing, neutral palette that helps you feel relaxed? Or are you attracted to a vibrant colour scheme that is fresh and energizing? Take your time, explore your options and see what inspires you. There are many online resources available for you to delve into.

What mood do you want to achieve? When setting the mood for any particular room, keep in mind that colours will play a prominent role. If you are opting for a relaxed atmosphere, a room where you can sink into the couch with a good book in hand at the end of the day, then lavender, cool blue or gray are your colours. If you desire a more energized environment, a room to have your coffee in to wake up in the morning, then consider oranges, yellows and reds! Remember that tone and shade makes a difference; a bright red will be stimulating while a deep wine red will feel more luxurious and romantic.

What colours already exist in your home? A great starting point when choosing colours for your furniture is looking at the foundation of your home. Walk around your living space and consider the elements that you like, such as the floor, fixtures, ceiling, and existing furniture. Is Grandma’s ocean blue antique chest a good starting point? Think about the things that you already own and how you would incorporate them into your desired scheme.

What upholstery do you prefer? Whether you’re leaning towards leather or a fiber finish, this can impact your colour selection. A dark gray with cotton finish will give a very different feeling than a leather finish. Think about your current living space and envision what type of material best suits your lifestyle. As an example, for those with little ones, having dark-coloured upholstery that is easy to maintain, may be a bigger priority.

What style of home are you buying furniture for? House style definitely comes into play when choosing your pieces. A larger house, for example, will claim a completely different furniture style and colour palette than a bright, modern contemporary condominium.

How often will you change your pieces? If you’re someone who buys a piece of furniture and will happily live with it for years to come, consider the durability of the furniture. It is important that it will last for a good amount of years in your home. If you enjoy changing things up, try smaller pieces or accents in the colours you prefer. Choose a neutral palette for bigger, more costly items, such as your sofa and love seats, allowing for your accent pieces to pop and shine!

No matter what style or design you prefer, Barrymore is always here to help you with all of your furniture needs. We have many showroom pieces for you to consider. If you’re looking for a piece that is more personalized and unique, our skilled artisans and design associates will help you customize fabric, style, finish and upholstery options – so you get the perfect fit for your home and family. When you come to Barrymore furniture, you will receive the best modern furniture in Toronto.

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