Designing a Modern, Refined “Man Cave”

What comes to mind when you hear the term “man cave”? A big-screen TV? Walls adorned with sports memorabilia? Comfy recliners complete with drink trays? All of these things are likely to be among the first things you picture when you start thinking of designing your very own man cave, but what if there were options beyond these traditional manly staples? What if you could go beyond the norm and incorporate some new and fresh ideas into your design while still not straying from that uniquely masculine vibe? Here’s a quick look at how you can do just that.

Man Caves: not just for Men!

Yes, you read that correctly. Today, man caves need not only be for men. There are plenty of ways to design an elegant interior that retains masculine undertones, meaning the whole family can enjoy your man cave. Rather than being about sports, action movies, or other traditionally manly themes, your modern day man cave can simply be a room that gives off a feeling of warmth, strength, and purpose. You may be asking yourself “how can this be done?”, and you’ll be happy to know that it’s actually quite simple!

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Choose the right Furniture

Furniture that is large and sturdy with straight lines is going to look best in your new man cave. Choosing more delicate furniture with curved profiles and light colours is not going to go well with the theme of masculinity. A comfy sofa such as Barrymore’s Trey sofa, The Trent XL sectional or the Amadeo sofa are great examples of what you should be looking for. Dark-stained wooden coffee tables scream manliness, as do large comfy recliners, preferably with dark leather upholstery.

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Strong Colours are Key

Going back to that idea of giving off a feeling of strength, the best way to achieve this effect is by using strong colours. Dark, saturated, and neutral colours such as chocolate brown, coal black, and charcoal grey are going to be your best friend when designing your modern, refined man cave.

red table with brown couch in living room

Get Rough

Dark, strong colours are one thing, but if you really want walls to give off a manly vibe, try going with materials such as exposed brick, concrete, steel, fieldstone, and wood. These rough materials will give you a dramatic, serious, and rugged look that paint simply won’t be able to achieve. Combining these kinds of walls with strong, large-scale furniture is an ideal recipe for modern masculinity.


Avoid Clutter

What good are all of these manly features going to be if they are overshadowed by copious amounts of clutter? Keeping your modern man cave clutter-free is important if you want the room to give off your desired effect. You need to be able to actually see your design choices in all their glory if you are going to be satisfied in the end.

Stressless Capri

These are only some of the ways designers and homeowners are giving the term “man cave” a whole new meaning. There is plenty to discover when designing a modern and refined man cave, so what are you waiting for? Get started on yours today!

Credit to Barrymore Furniture – Modern Furniture Toronto

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