The Meaning behind these Famous Logos

Did you know that the most recognizable brand logos have a secret symbolism? Sometimes the symbolism is hidden so well we never think twice about what they actually mean! Today we’ve gathered some global brand logos that hold surprising secrets.


Just looking at this logo, it’s probably easy to see the little upturned arrow looks like a smile. Amazon wants you to feel happy when you shop with them. There’s more than meets the eye, though! If you look closely, you’ll see the arrow actually begins at the “A” and points to the “Z”. This reference is meant to symbolize the wide range of products the website offers: “We have everything, from A to Z!”


This tech company is seriously proud of its roots in San Francisco, California! The name itself is a reference to a common nickname for the bay city. The blue bars of the logo symbolize an electromagnet, an important component of many high-tech devices. However, they also resemble the structure of one of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks: The Golden Gate Bridge!


A favourite chocolaty treat, especially for us travellers who spend a lot of time at the airport. (Or those of us who desperately need a last-minute gift after arrival. Sorry Mom!) Toblerone originated in Bern, Switzerland and the logo pays tribute to the region’s majestic mountains. Bern is also known as “The City of Bears”. If you look closely at the mountain, you will actually see the silhouette of a bear standing on its hind legs!


This super popular brand of chips and salsa is all about parties and having a good time. They use their marketing to portray every get together as better with their tasty products. Even their logo is having a good time! Both central t’s actually resemble human forms holding a chip. The “i” is actually a table with a bowl full of, you guessed it, delicious salsa!


A beloved source of inspiration for crafty moms and seriously-obsessed fandoms, Pinterest allows users to “pin” their favourite content on the site to save it for enjoyment later. It’s all inspired by cork pin-up boards. The company pays homage to this with the clever style of the “P” in their logo. Do you see it? The bottom is shaped to a point, making the letter resemble an old-fashioned tack or “pin”!


This brand is so big chances are you’re surrounded by this logo right now and don’t even know it. Unilever makes some of the world’s most recognized products, such as Dove, Axe, and Popsicle. At first glance, the conglomerate’s distinct “U” logo seems like an odd mesh of symbols and blobs. The secret, however, is each symbol represents a specific value or aspect of the company. For example, a pair of lips represents both their cosmetics and food brands! How many Unilever symbol-connections can you make?