Holiday Custom Print Ideas

The holidays are fast approaching, and while that means that the season of festive cheer and gift giving is almost upon us, there is one other thing that comes with the holidays. The crazy designs and shirts and sweatshirts, especially for those Ugly Christmas Sweater contests. What better way to show your creativity and win the contest with your own custom made design?

Here are some holiday custom print ideas for your apparel, whether it is a t-shirt or a sweater.

Snowmans and Snowflakes

Nothing depicts the holidays more than the snow with its multi patterned snowflakes and the occasional cheery snowman with its traditional carrot nose. The classic white snowflake on red is always a favorite during the holidays because it promotes the coziness that comes with the cold. The snowflakes can be white on red, red on black, or white and red on a dark navy blue – the colours that are often associated with the holidays.


Not a year goes by when you don’t see that traditional shirt with a big image of Santa and his white beard surrounded by the words ‘ho ho ho’ in an almost Christmassy white font (and why not add some snowflakes in there too?). Santa has been the world renowned symbol for Christmas, and still is today!


Three galloping reindeers riding across the words ‘ho ho ho’ is another classic look that is seen around the holidays. Bonus points if the design comes with Rudolph’s red nose!

Christmas Trees

A nice green tree against a red or white background makes for a cool pop of colour, especially if the ornaments that decorate it are multi coloured baubles of red, green and blues. There may even be patterns of Christmas lights that can outline the shirt for a bit of added festive cheer.

Hanukah Candles

Have a nice depiction of the menorah against a dark navy background for a nice aesthetic appeal. Showcase your dedication by doing several variations of Hanukah sweaters throughout the eight day celebration such as the menorah, or a nice depiction of the Star of David, or a quirky phrase such as “Keep Calm and Mazeltov”.


Everyone knows an ugly Christmas shirt is bound to have some sort of design of a stocking on there. Why not do a life-sized picture of a stocking with a myriad of Christmas themed looks such as jingle bells, Christmas lights, the occasional reindeer and a Santa? That is bound to get some laughs from everyone!

These are just a few of the holiday themed designs you can custom print on a shirt to get into the festive mood of the season!